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UCTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers – Latest Version

Get updated copy of UCTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers. We now have all past questions of UCTH carefully answered in our store. This study material is now in PDF format for easy download.

UCTH School School of Nursing Past Questions

University of Calabar Teaching Hospital School of Nursing sited at the southern part f Nigeria is one of the best nursing school in Nigeria known for their academic excellence. UCTH screening exercise is around the corner and students who applied are expected to be up and doing with their studies.

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UCTH screening exercise is always a tough when you lack insight on what their screening exercise looks like. That’s why we’ve carefully compiled questions fro their previous screening exercise to help interested students score high in their upcoming test.

This study material (UCTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers) covers questions and answers from Use of English, Biology. Physics and chemistry. It is now in a PDF format for easy and the samples are shown below;

Samples of this study material

1. Which of the following can be obtained by fraction of distillation?
A. Nitrogen from liquid air
B. Sodium chloride for sea water
C. iodine from a solution of iodine in carbon tetachloride
D. Sulphur from a solution of sulphur in carbon disulphide

2. Atoms of element X (with 2 electrons in the outer shell) combine with atoms of Y (with7 electrons n the outer shell). Which of the following is FALSE? The compound formed
A. has formula XY
B. is likely to be ionic
C. containsX2+ ions
D. containsY-1 ions

3. Which of the following represents the type of bonding present in ammonium chloride molecule?
A. ionic only
B. covalent only
C. ionic and dative covalent
D. dative covalent only

4. Maganese (iv) oxide is known to hasten the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. Its main actions is to
A. increase the surface of the reactants
B. increase the concentration of the reactants
C. lower the activation energy for the reaction
D. lower the heat of reaction


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