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BUTH School of Nursing Past Questions And Answers | Latest Version

Get updated copy of BUTH school of nursing Past questions and answers here. The Bowen University Teaching Hospital (BUTH) school of nursing past questions and answers is now in a PDF format for easy download.

BUTH School of Nursing Past Questions

The Bowen University Teaching Hospital Ogbomoso is one of the most reputable school of nursing in Nigeria with so many international recognition. This institution will soon announce her screening exercise date and candidates when applied are expected to get ready for their exams.

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BUTH admission is strictly based on score from their screening exercise only students with high score are admitted into this great institution. So, the ball is in your court either to be selected or rejected because we’ve made the how exams simple by providing you with a study material that will guide you and give you insight on what their questions looks like.

BUTH school of nursing past questions and answers in our store are so up to date, design in a downloadable format and compatible with all devices. The study material covers questions and answers in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Use of English and many more just for you.

Samples of this study material

1. His summary of the lecture was brief and to the point.
(A) Careful
(B) Precise
(C) Accurate
(D) Exact
(E) Crucial.

2. Do you have the same aversion as I do home videos?
(A) Bitterness
(B) Dislike
(C) Criticism
(D) Indignation
(E) Preference.

3. I did not think she could be so easily, taken in by his pretence
(A) Flattered
(B) Deceived
(C) Pregnant
(D) Overcome
(E) Blackmailed.

4. The witness was guilty of swearing to a statement he knew to be false.
(A) Forgery
(B) Perjury
(C) Libel
(D) Slander
(E) Affidavit.

5. Most of his observations were wide of the mark.
(A) Comprehensive
(B) Irrelevant
(C) Pertinent
(D) Came rather late
(E) Unaccepted.

6. The clerk refused to answer for the mistakes made by manager and his assistants.
(A) To reply to
(B) To give an answer
(C) To explain
(D) To accept responsibility
(E) To account.


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