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Are you still wondering on how to pass FCT school of nursing exams? worry no more. We’ve carefully compiled FCT school of nursing past questions and answers just for you.

FCT School of Nursing Past questions

Federal Capital Territory school of nursing exams fast approaching and a lot of preparation is demanded by those who applied for it. Studying with the right material is the surest way of passing any exams and we’ve painstakingly compiled FCT school of nursing past questions and answers just for you.

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The past question paper will help you understand the nature and how the FCT school of nursing entrance examination looks like, prepares you ahead of time and gives you and edge over others. This study material have over 60% chances of repeating and interested students are advised to grab a copy now.

Samples of this study material

1. Which of the following storage organs is not a stem?
A. corn
B. cassava tuber
C. Yam tuber
D. ginger

2. Which of the following produces the male gamete in flowering plants?
A. ovule
B. pollen grain
C. stigma
D. ovary

3. When an offspring inherits one of a pair of contrasting genes from both parents, the offspring is described as
A. homozygous
B. recessive
C. Heterozygous
D. dominant

4. The vertebrae are separated from each other by
A. muscle bands
B. Ligaments
C. bone discs
D. cartilage

5. Between which pair of listed bones is a hinge joint found?
A. atlas and axis
B. capitulum and transverse process
C. humerus and ulna

6. In which structure is glycogen stored in a mammal?
A. spinal cord
B. kidney
C. liver
D. pancreas

7. The external respiratory structure of an insect is called
A. proboscis
B. trachea
C. nostril
D. spiracle

8. Which is the correct order that shows how oxygen reaches the blood in man?
A. nostrils, trachea, bronchi, alveoli, capillaries
B. nostril, alveoli, bronchi, trachea, capillaries
C. nostrils, bronchi, trachea, alveoli, capillaries
D. nostrils, trachea, alveoli, bronchi, capillaries

9. Which of these is associated with tissue respiration?
A. conservation of energy
B. oxygen absorption
C. oxidation of digested food
D. release of carbon dioxide


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