Osun State School of Nursing Past Questions And Answers – Latest Version


Download Osun State School of Nursing Past Questions And Answers here. School of Nursing Osogbo Past Questions and Answers is designed for students who really wants to be admitted, It’s now in a PDF form for easy download.

Osun State School of Nursing Past Questions

Osun State School of nursing is one of the best school of nursing in Nigeria and congratulations in advance to those who pass their screening exercise and get admitted into this great institution

Applicants are hereby advised to take note of the following Nursing Programs of the Department of Nursing, Ministry of Health, Osogbo, State of Osun:

  • Basic General Nursing,
  • Post – Basic General Nursing, and
  • Post – Basic Midwifery.

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Good-news, irrespective of the department you wish to study with don’t panic, we got you covered. We have a comprehensive compilation of Osun State School of Nursing Past Questions And Answers for all the department listed above. Remember, admission into this great institution is dependent on your performance in the exams. Only those with high scores will be selected.

This study material covers questions and answers from this area;

  • English Language,
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Current Affair in relation to Health.

For easy download and accessibility, we’ve decided to design this study material in a PDF format and can equally be printed after download.

Samples of this study material

1. Anaerobic respiration differs from aerobic respiration by the production of …..
A. less amount of energy and water
B. greater amount of energy and alcohol
C. less amount of energy and alcohol
D. greater amount of energy and water

2. Stomach pores open when there is ………
A. an increase in the sugar content of guard cells
B. a decrease in the osmotic concentration of guard cells
C. a decrease in the sugar content of mesophill cells

3. The process of deamination is essential for the …….
A. digestion of protein
B. secretion of bile
C. formation of urea
D. formation of antibody

4. A band of connective tissue liking two bones in a joint is known as….
A. tendon
B. cartilage
C. synovial membrane
D. ligament

5. The appendicular skeleton is composed of the pectoral girdle
A. pelvic, fore and hind limbs
B. pelvc, girdle and fore limbs
C. lumbar vertebrae and pelvic girdle
D. lumber vertebrae, fore and hind limbs


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