Sokoto State School of Nursing Past Questions And Answers – Latest Version

School of Psychiatric Nursing Eket Past Questions

Download the updated copy of Sokoto State School of Nursing Past Questions And Answers here. Sokoto State School of Nursing Past Questions And Answers in now in a PDF format.

Sokoto State School of Nursing Past Questions

Poor performance have always been attributed to lack of preparation, students who wish to secure admission into this prestigious institution should grab a copy of our Sokoto State School of Nursing Past Questions And Answers.

Sokoto State School of Nursing Past Questions And Answers have been carefully compiled from their p previous exams and accounts for about 40% of their mostly repeated questions.

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This study material is designed in such a way that you don’t have to stress yourself looking for answers as all the questions have been carefully answered, it’s now in a PDF format and compatible with all devices.

Samples of this study material

1. A plant which grows on another plant without apparent harm to the host plant is called
A. a parasite
B. an epiphyte
C. a saprophyte
D. a predator
E. a hermaphrodite

2. Which of these types of skeleton is most appropriate to the cockroach?
A. hydrostatic skeleton
B. exoskeleton
C. endoskeleton
D. cartilaginous skeleton
E. bony skeleton

3. Which of these is not true of the insect? The possession of
A. two pairs of antennae
B. jointed appendages
C. exoskeleton
D. three pairs of legs
E. segmented body

4. All living things
A. photosynthesis
B. respire
C. move
D. transpire E. feed

5. A secchi disc is used in the determination of
A. rainfall
B. tides
C. waves
D. turbidity
E. current velocity

6. Which of the following is not an excretory product?
A. urine
B. sweat
C. feaces
D. salts
E. carbon dioxide

7. Which of the following organs produce bile?
A. gall bladder
B. pancreas
C. spleen
D. liver
E. stomach

8. Which of the following food substances is digested in the stomach?
A. carbohydrates
B. fats and oil
C. fats and proteins
D. proteins
E. carbohydrates and fats

9. For pollination and fruit formation, the essential part(s) of the flower should be the
A. corolla
B. ovary
C. pistil (gynoecium’s)
D. ovules E. receptacle

10. Which part of the human brain is concerned with reflexes controlling the rate of heart beat and breathing?
A. medulla
B. cerebrum
C. cerebellum
D. pineal body
E. olfactory lobe


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