CAC Past Questions And Answers | Updated Copy

Are you searching for CAC Past Questions And Answers? Search no more, we’re here for you. Download updated edition of Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Past Questions And Answers in our store which is now in a PDF format for easy download.

CAC Past Questions And Answers

Corporate Affairs Commissions (CAC) is known to establish and maintain companies registry and offices in all the states of the Federation suitably and adequately equipped to discharge its functions under the Act or any law in respect of which it is charged with responsibility and the happens to be one of the most reputable companies in Nigeria.

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Did you apply for this job? Do you wish to work with them? Then one of the basic things you need to do is purchase a right study materials which will serve as guide, increase your confidence level, give you insight and puts you ahead of others.

We’ve painstakingly compiled CAC past questions and answers just for you. This past question is derived from their previous exams and it has 70% chances of repeating. Below are samples of this study material how to download the full PDF file.

Samples of this study material

1. The agent of political socialization generally regarded as the most important is
A) family
B) school
C) churches and mosques
D) peer group

2. Serfs are the dominated class under
A) feudalism
B) socialism
C) capitalism
D) fascism

3. The four British colonial territories in west Africa were
A) Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Gambia
B) Gambia, Guinea, Ghana and Gabon
C) Senegal, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Nigeria
D) Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Gambia

4. Public opinion is important because it
A) allows police to manage crisis
B) lets government know what the people want
C) guarantees people’s freedom and rights
D) tells government what action it must take
E) mothers the minorities in resource lean areas

5. In a democracy, sovereignty is vested in
A) the legislature
B) public officials
C) the community
D) the head of state

6. A system in which no single person serves as the chief executive is known as
A) collegial
B) parliamentary
C) revolutionary
D) republican


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