UCH School of Nursing Past Questions And Answers | PDF Download


UCH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF Download | Up to date entrance examination past question papers is now available for purchase in our store. See how to get the past question paper below.

UCH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) School of Nursing is one of the premier academic research institutions in the country. University of Colorado Hospital provides the full spectrum of patient care, from family medicine to a comprehensive array of subspecialty clinics and programs. They are known for academic excellence and this left the with a large number of applicants.

UCH School of Nursing have decided to separate the sheep for the goat with their screening exercise which will enable select the best student from the rest. this selection is solely dependent on their screening exams. Only those who score very high in the exams will be selected. How can you score high when you don’t even know what the exams looks like? We’re to give you all you need to get admitted.

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The past question you are about to purchase consists of four subjects which you will be writing in the forthcoming entrance exams. These subjects are;

  • English Language
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

This  study material will expose you to over 1000 questions for each questions, the best answers are given. You will get to know the kind of questions to expect. A lot of candidates over the years have made mistakes which have cost them not having admission in to the University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) School of Nursing because they failed to read the right book and prepare for the great task ahead of them.

Why stress yourself reading bulky material when everything have been simplified here? You’re with no stress when you get our study material because all questions have been carefully answered. Our material is now in a PDF format for easy download.

Samples of this study material

1. In mammals, the exchange of nutrients and metabolic products occurs in the …..
A. lymph
B. lungs
C. heart
D. liver

2. The part of the stomach nearer the gullet is called the ….
A. epiglottis
B. cardiac sphincter
C. duodenum
D. pyloric sphincter.

3. Trace elements are required by plants mainly for the……
A. formation of pigments and enzymes
B. product of energy and hormones
C. manufacture of carbohydrates
D. manufacture of proteins

4. A food substance was treated with a few drops of Sudan iii solution and a red coloration was obtained. The food contained is …….
A. protein
B. starch
C. fat
D. mineral salt.

5. Oozing out of water from leaves of plants in humid environment is known as …..
A. transpiration
B. osmosis
C. pinocytosis
D. guttation


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