School of Nursing Itigidi Past Questions and Answers | PDF Download

School of Nursing Itigidi Past Questions

School of Nursing Itigidi Past Questions and Answers is up for a quick download. Can you imagine getting familiar with possible questions before the actual exams? With this you can pass any exams. We present you with an updated copy of School of Nursing Itigidi Past Questions and Answers which is now in a PDF format for easy download.

School of Nursing Itigidi Past Questions

There’s no better way to pass any entrance exams other than having an insight of what the exam looks like and preparing very hard with the right materials for the exams. If you can master any past question line by line and get familiar with the questions you’re one step away from getting admitted into that institution.

This secret of being admitted into any institution of your choice led to the effective work our team have put to place to present you with an updated copy of School of Nursing Itigidi Past Questions and Answers which is a collection of questions from their previous exams. Note, all this questions have been carefully answered.

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This study material covers questions which have repeated over the years and have high tendency of repeating again in this year’s entrance exams. Key areas in which they set their questions are equally covered in this study material just for you.

If you can master every questions in this study material believe me you admission is assured. Grab a copy now and be grateful you did. Below are the samples of this study material to prove its originality and procedures to get the full PDF file.

Samples of this study material

1. Auxins are produced in the
(A) petiole of leaves
(B) apical regions of roots and shoots
(C) epidermis of roots and shoots
(D) parenchyma of roots and shoots.

2. The pituitary gland is called the master gland because
(A) it is located in the brain
(B) its secretions are more numerous than those of any other gland
(C) its secretion controls other glands
(D) it regulates muscular movements.

3. The pigment in the malphigian layer responsible for skin colouration is known as
(A) haemoglobin
(B) melanin
(C) haemocyanin
(D) haemoerythrin.

4. Which of the following is not an evidence of evolution?
(A) Fossil
(B) Anatomy
(C) Embryology
(D) Behaviour.

5. Which of the following is not true about gene mutation? It
(A) introduced new trails into a population
(B) causes changes in the DNA
(C) always affects the chromosome number
(D) is a source of new genes.

6. Species can be defined as the group of organisms that
(A) resemble each other and live in the same habitat
(B) are of a common origin and are always found together
(C) resemble each other and can interbreed freely
(D) resemble each other and occupy the same niche.


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