Kwara State College of Nursing Oke Ode Past Questions and Answers | Latest Version

Kwara State College of Nursing Oke Ode past questions

You can now download updated copy of Kwara State College of Nursing Oke Ode past questions and answers in our store. This study material leaves you with no stress because all the questions have been carefully answered. Continue reading to see how to download.

Kwara State College of Nursing Oke Ode Past Questions

The Kwara State College of Nursing Oke Ode is a top notch because they’ve recorded a lot of applicants this year and they’ve decided to top up their game by improving the standard of their entrance exams. Sounds like impossible tasks to applicants right? Don’t worry we got you covered.

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This past question papers has been compiled to help candidates who are seeking for admission into the Kwara State College of Nursing Oke Ode. It will help you a lot to understand the basic and how Kwara State College of Nursing Oke Ode set their entrance examination.

This study material covers questions from Biology, Physics, Chemistry and  Use of English and it is now designed in a PDF format for easy download and accessibility. Below are samples of this study material and how to download the full PDF copy.

Samples of this study material

1. Which of the following is the youngest plant tissue?
A. meristem
B. phloem
C. epidermis
D. xylem

2. Viruses differ from all form of life because they …….
A. have a tick cell wall
B. feed on waste products  of  other organisms
C. cause infectious  diseases
D. require  other living cells to multiply

3. The endoplasm cells found in hydra are used for
A. reproduction
B. offense and defense
C. locomotion and nutrition
D. food collection

4. Annelids differ from nematodes in that they …..
A exhibit bilateral symmetry
B. triploblastic
C. are metamerically segmented
D. possess complete digestive system.

5. Which of the following perform similar functions?
A. ascospores and ascocarp
B. antherziods and rhizoids sorus and induism
D. strobili and inflorenscene

6. In ferns, the sporophyte …….
A. develops from a haploid zygote
B. produce spores
C. is haploid and dependent on the gametophyte
D. is haploid and independent of the gametophyte


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