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School of Nursing Makurdi Past Questions

School of Nursing Makurdi Past Questions And Answers | Free PDF

School of Nursing Makurdi Past Questions And Answers is now available in our page for easy download. Get updated copy of School of Nursing Makurdi Past Questions And Answers which is now a PDF format just for you.

School of Nursing Makurdi Past Questions

The School of Nursing Makurdi interview/screening examination will soon be announced. Did you apply for it? Do wish to work with them? Then this study material is for you. Grab a copy of School of Nursing Makurdi Past Questions papers and start preparing accordingly.

This past question is set to increase your confidence towards the exams. This study material reveals the nature and possible questions set by School of Nursing Makurdi entrance examination.

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Our material keeps you ahead of others and makes the exams a walkover for you. This material is a perfect guide as all the questions have been carefully solved.

This study material can be printed into hard copies and it’s more compatible with all devices. Below are samples of this study material and how to download the full PDF file.

Samples of this study material

1. Which of the following food substance is digested in the stomach?
A. carbohydrates
B. fats and oils
C. fats and proteins
D. carbohydrates and fats.

2. The conversion of excess amino acids into urea occurs in the
A. kidney
B. pancreas
C. spleen
D. Liver.

3. Where is the food stored in a yam plant?
A. stem
B. Bud
C. Adventious Root
D. Tap root.

4. Growing yam tendrils climb for support. This growth response is
A. haptotropism
B. geoptropism
C. hydrotropism
D. Chelliotropism.

5. The functional unit of a mammalian kidney is the
A. malphigian capsule
B. glomerulus
C. ureter
D. Nephron.

6. The glottis is the opening which leads to the
A. oesophagus
B. larynx
C. mouth
D. Pharynx.


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