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Chevron Scholarship Past Questions and Answers | PDF Download

Download the latest version of Chevron Scholarship Past Questions and Answers in our store. This questions are arranged without the stress of looking for the answers as all questions have been treated carefully.

Chevron Scholarship Past Questions

The Chevron Scholarship scheme is now open for selection of qualified undergraduates for scholarship grants which comes with a lot of benefits like sponsoring one through tertiary institution, monthly allowances and sometimes sending one outside the country for masters.

These benefits left them with large number of applicants and the board have decided to make their screening exams a tough one to enable them separate the goat from the sheep. Candidates will qualify for this scholarship based on their score in the exams. Only that with high score will be select.

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In order to score high you need the right material to study. We’ve carefully designed a study pack just for you containing all their frequently asked questions and questions which will definitely repeat itself. All the subject combination is equally observed in this study pack so you don’t have to buy another current affairs book outside.

Chevron Scholarship Past Questions and Answers is designed to leave you with no stress as it’s now in a PDF for which can even be accessed with internet after download and it’s compatible with all devices.

Samples of this study material

In the following sentence, choose from the options A D that best completes the sentences.

1. Among the books in the library, he found ___ Bible.
(a) an old family brown leather
(b) an old brown leather family
(c) a brown leather old family
(d) an old leather brown family

2. The poor man lived in ____ house.
(a) an old mud-brick large broken down
(b) a large old mud-brick broken down
(c) a large old broken down mud-brick
(d) a broken-down old large mud-brick

3. The man donated a ___ machine to our school
(a) modern duplicating large red
(b) modern large red duplicating
(c) large modern red duplicating
(d) red duplicating large modern

4. The beauty pageant was won by a ____ girl
(a) beautiful dark and tall
(b)tall dark and beautiful
(c) dark tall and beautiful
(d) beautiful tall and dark

5. The house___ the kidnappers were kept is being watched by the police
(c) in where
(d) of which


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