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Surveyors Council of Nigeria Past Questions

Surveyors Council of Nigeria Past Questions and Answers | PDF Download

Surveyors Council of Nigeria Past Questions and Answers are available on this page for download. SURCON past questions and answers  are arranged and stored in PDF. Do you need Surveyors Council of Nigeria exam past questions? If yes, then this is the right place to get up to date past questions for your exam revision. On this page, you will find relevant past questions for SURCON professional exams, for candidates who wish to obtain license.

Surveyors Council of Nigeria Past Questions and Answers

How to Access study materials for Surveyors Council of Nigeria professional exams: the study material is arranged and stored in PDF. The format is exactly the same as for for all government agency exams. To view all this study material, you have to download this page by yourself from this address: Surveyors Council of Nigeria Past Questions and Answers Download Your Surveyors Council of Nigeria Past Questions and Answers The surveyors council of Nigeria has revised the last two years only. They have published fewer than 1000 questions per year. You will find a question for every exam. You can also download past questions for old SURCON exams. The PDF files are usually 2 MB and contain a lot of information.

Why are surveyors council past questions important?

The question bank contains surveyor questions that are generally used in exam for verification. It is usual for surveyors to write questions that are related to the profession. What about the exam questions? Every year, surveyors are expected to score one or more of the following certifications: Chartered Institute of Surveyors (CIS), Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) or the Institute of Engineers Nigeria (ICE). They must prove that they have sufficient knowledge of the profession, acceptable professionalism and industry best practice, and hold a current competency in terms of regulation and industry practice. There are three types of exam: CIS, CICS and CIE, each have question bank. The CIS exam has more questions in all subjects in the CICS and CIE exam.

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Why candidates should revise the past questions before an exam?

To become successful in your upcoming exam, you have to revise the past questions before it. This is the right time to study the current examination questions to identify possible misconceptions and make sure you know the most important issues for the exam well before writing the question.

What are the benefits of revision with past questions?

Repetition of a question is not the usual method of revision but having on-going question like Surveyors Council of Nigeria exam questions is like a perfect companion of common sense. It helps a person to recall facts in sequence and makes the recital easier for the exams. If you remember a concept in just three questions, you have really mastered it. This makes the task of the examiner, the examinee, a little bit easier. The past questions also helps a person to get multiple reasoning questions on a subject which is still less on the exam day.


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