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We have over 500 School of Psychiatric Nursing Calabar Past Questions and Answers that are likely going to repeat in this current entrance examination. This comprehensive compilation is gotten from School of Psychiatric Nursing Calabar previous years exams and it is now in an e-book format just for you.

School of Psychiatric Nursing Calabar Past Questions

The federal School of Psychiatric Nursing, Calabar takes cognizance of the fact that Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing uses the study of human behavior as its science and purposeful use of self as its art. This institution is one of the best in Nigeria because they are known for academic excellence. This institution entrance examination comes with a lot of challenges and only the serious students can come out of the exam halls smiling.

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Our work is to make this entrance exams an easy one with the help of our comprehensive study material (School of Psychiatric Nursing Calabar Past Questions and Answers) which have been made available for all. This study material is pose to give you insight, boost your confidence level, place you ahead of other and increase your chances of getting admitted. Grab a copy now and be glad you did.

Samples of this study material

1. The one seeded fruit in which the pericarp and seed have become fused together is known as
A. achene
B. samara
C. caryopsis
D. Drupe.

2. Milk can be pasteurized by
A. the addition of sodium chloride
B. boiling for one hour
C. heating to 75°c for 20 minutes
D. beating to 75°c for one hour.

3. Human beings require vitamins in their diet because vitamins
A. contain carbohydrates and fats
B. stimulate the alimentary canal
C. digest proteins in the body
D. influence many important chemical processes in the body.

4. The organ through which food and oxygen are supplied to the human embryo and which also prevents harmful materials from reaching the embryo is the
A. Amnion
B. Uterus
C. placenta
D. umbilical cord.

5. Which of the following food substance is digested in the stomach?
A. carbohydrates
B. fats and oils
C. fats and proteins
D. carbohydrates and fats.

6. The conversion of excess amino acids into urea occurs in the
A. kidney
B. pancreas
C. spleen
D. Liver.

7. Where is the food stored in a yam plant?
A. stem
B. Bud
C. Adventious Root
D. Tap root.


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