Kogi State College of Nursing Past Questions Paper and Answers Updated

Getting Kogi State College of Nursing Past Questions and Answers is the best approach in gaining admission into this great institution. You can now download Obangede School of Nursing  Past Questions and Answers without stress which is now in a PDF format.

Kogi State College of Nursing Past Questions

Recently we have received mails asking for this particular study material and now the opportunity is here and sure you don’t want to waste it. Kogi State College of Nursing have been know to be strict with their exams and most student have been complaining that their exams are difficult.

Worry no more. We have made everything simple in one study material and the ball is now in you court. We have a comprehensive compilation of Kogi State College of Nursing Past Questions and Answers in our store just for you. Scoring high in Obangede School of Nursing  upcoming entrance exams is the only ticket of getting admitted.

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Get Kogi State College of Nursing Past Questions and Answers from us now and guarantee getting selected tomorrow. This study material will increase your confident level, expose you to possible questions and ensure you  stand out when its time for selection.

Note all subject combination for school of nursing is included in this study material and it is now in a PDF format for easy download. I won’t forget to mention that it is printable, accessible and now compatible with all devices. Procedures of getting the full PDF file are list below together with sample questions.

Samples of this study material

1. One of the following statements is not true of viruses.
(A) they are microorganisms
(B) they are smaller then bacteria
(C) they can be seen with an ordinary light microscope
(D) they cause polio and small pox.

2. The digestive enzyme that coagulates proteins in milk is
(A) rennin
(B) ptyalin
(C) pepsin
(D) trypsin.

3. Osmic acid boiled with a solution of food substance gave a black precipitate. This indicates the presence of
(A) proteins
(B) fats and oils
(C) amino acids
(D) starch.

4. Members of the phylum protozoa use the contractile vacuole to
(A) removes excess food
(B) movement
(C) remove excess water
(D) for digestion.

5. The main function of the petal of a flower is to
(A) attract pollination agents
(B) protect the flower while still in bud
(C) serve as landing stage for insects
(D) protect inner parts from desiccation.


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