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JAMB Use Of English Syllabus 2024/2025: Topics & Focus Areas

JAMB Syllabus for Use Of English: A Comprehensive Guide | This article is dedicated to the latest JAMB syllabus for Use Of English. Let’s begin by understanding what a syllabus is. Essentially, a syllabus is a document that outlines all the topics to be covered in an examination or class. In the context of JAMB, the syllabus comprises a list of topics that students are required to study in preparation for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

JAMB Use Of English Syllabus

If you are gearing up for the UTME conducted by the Joint Admission Matriculation Board, fear not. is here to provide all the necessary guidance to help you excel, excluding any form of expos.

For those participating in the upcoming UTME and in need of the outlined topics for Jamb Use Of English preparation, this article is tailored for you. Follow these steps before obtaining the 2024/2025 Jamb Form:

  1. Choose a Course: Decide on the course you wish to pursue.
  2. Conduct Research on the Course: Explore and gather information about the chosen course.
  3. Check the O’level Requirement: Verify the O’level requirements for the selected course.
  4. Verify JAMB Subject Combination: Finally, confirm the JAMB subject combination for the course. If Use Of English is part of the subject combination, you are good to proceed.

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JAMB Use Of English Syllabus 2024/2025 General Objectives:

The primary objectives of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) syllabus in Use Of English are as follows:

  • Communicate effectively in both written and spoken English;
  • Have a sound linguistic basis for learning at the tertiary level.

This guide is designed to assist candidates in their preparation for the JAMB examination, ensuring they achieve the outlined course objectives. Best of luck in your JAMB Use Of English preparation.

Jamb Use of English Syllabus 2024/2025

1) Comprehension / Summary

  • description
  • narration
  • exposition
  • argumentation/persuasion

(i) Each of the four passages to be set (one will be a cloze test) should reflect various disciplines and be about 400 words long.


(ii) Questions on passages will test the; following:
(a) Comprehension of the whole or part of each passage.
(b) Comprehension of words, phrases, clauses, sentences, figures of speech and idioms as used in the passages.
(c) Coherence and logical reasoning (deductions, inferences, etc)
(d) Synthesis of ideas from the passages

(2.1) Lexis and Structure

  • synonyms
  • antonyms
  • homonyms
  • clause and sentence patterns
  • word classes and their functions
  • mood, tense, aspect, number, agreement/concord, degree (positive, comparative and superlative) and question tags
  • punctuation and spelling
  • ordinary usage (words in their denotative or dictionary sense), figurative usage (expressions used in ways other than
    literal) and idiomatic usage (expressions whose meanings cannot be determined through a mere combination of
    individual words) are to be tested.

(2.2) Oral Forms

  • Vowels (monophthongs and diphthongs
  • Consonants (including clusters)
  • Rhymes (homophones)
  • Stress (word, sentence and emphatic)
  • Intonation

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It is advised that you read through the topics listed here as they will aid in your more focused study and reading for the JAMB Use of English exam. That’s all for now. If you have any questions, please ask us in the comment section below because we understand you might have a few.

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