How to Write NPower Test Successfully in 2024 | Full Guide

How to Write NPower Test Successfully in 2021

How to Write NPower Test Successfully in 2024: With NPower, Nigerian youths have the opportunity to be enrolled in the government payroll. Hey…this is not an open cheque as it sounds. Actually, you’ll have to work or train for it.

What is NPower

Npower is one of the world’s largest non-profit recruitment agencies that works to place unemployed and underemployed youth into gainful employment opportunities. A Npower Jobseeker is employed by the Government to work in either a public sector organization, in the private sector, or volunteer in an area of their own choice. In essence, the successful applicant must be aged between 18 – 25 years. What are the Requirements to be a successful applicant? For the applicant to qualify, you have to have the following Subject(s) of Tertiary Education; Ability to pass the tests; Valid and current National Identity Card and Driving License; Experience; A Team Leader who must have worked with Npower before.

Preparation For The Npower Test

Making sure your NPower resume is 100% perfect before submitting it is a must. Avoid loosing your chance to be on the payroll for “job seekers of tomorrow”. This is because first interview usually last for up to 30minutes. Before your Npower test, make sure you have a printed copy of your resume, NPower coordinator application letter, and university certificate in your bag. That’s it for starters. Please refer to our post on what to do and expect when you’re up for NPower. How much money are you paid as a Npower graduate? A. On successful completion of the NPower programme, the successful candidate earns the monthly N18, 000 as stipend for a period of 2 years after the programme ends.

Who are Those That Can Apply for NPower Scheme?

Those that can apply for Nppwer and write the test are categorized into two; graduates and undergraduates.


  • This is for degree/HND holders between the ages of 18 to 35 who will use their educational knowledge for a period of 2 years. You’ll get paid for this.
  • During these 2 years, you’ll perform certain tasks in public services.
  • Grduates usually work in areas like Npower Agro, Health, Teach and Tax.


  • For this category, there are Npower Knowledge and Build.
  • Typically, this trains and certifies young unemployed Nigerians.
  • In the section below, we’ll show you the actions to take after receiving an invite to writ npower test.

Steps to Write NPower Test Online

  • You already know that the npower test is written online, right? Not to worry, it can be written with your smartphone or any device that has an internet connection.
  • After registration, npower will send you a text message to write the assessment test when your BVN matches your application.
  • Go to Npower Test Website
  • Click on the Npower category you wish to apply for
  • Log in with your BVN and phone number
  • Click on here and start the test

Noteworthy is the fact that you’ll write a total of 33 questions.

How To Write NPower Test Successfully In 2024

1. Be Ready For Starting On 1st Of January 2018 The last date to take the test is the 31st of December 2017 and NPower will only accept 3,000 candidates in that year and they will begin on January 1st, 2018. So, don’t miss it.

2. Enjoy The Test Don’t stress too much and know that after the test you’ll get a text message to tell you your results which will also serve as a pass/fail.

3. Research What You Need You can look on Facebook for advice if you are not tech savvy but make sure you know everything you need.

4. Do Your Homework Dress for success, not failure and speak in a confident manner when talking to the person that is taking the test.

5. Remember Your Competencies Do you know what your competencies are or which skills you already have?


I have once again given you the keys to success in the NPower Exam. If you follow them, you’ll end up being one of the selected ones. Remember, success is not just a word, but the ONLY thing that is real in this world. God bless you all and God bless Nigeria.

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