Success Tips to Pass Your Post UTME Exams | Full Guide

success tips to pass your post utme exams

Success Tips to Pass Your Post UTME Exams | Full Guide: This article contains success tips that Nigerian students can use to help them pass their post UTME exams. These strategies are all proven to work and have been successfully used by many other people in the past. The first step is to take your time when studying for your exam, as rushing through a study session will not be helpful in the long run. In addition, it might also be helpful for you to keep track of any new vocabulary words that you learn throughout your studies so that they are easier for you to remember on test day!

Success Tips to Pass Your Post UTME Exams

Create a study schedule and maintain it

success tips to pass your post utme exams

Just like with any other assignment or task, it is recommended that you break down your study schedule into manageable, step-by-step goals. For example, if your goal is to study for 3 hours, break the goal down into 4 hour sessions (ex. 3:00-3:50, 3:50-4:00, 4:00-4:30, and 4:30-5:00). In addition, you should make sure that your goal for each session corresponds to the amount of time that you have available for each session. For example, if you want to study for only 2 hours, your goal should be to study for only 2 hours and 30 minutes, because 30 minutes is enough time for you to complete all 4 questions on the task at hand. Keep a record of your study results After you complete each session, you should write down your time on a piece of paper so that you can add up your time as you go.

Keep track of new vocabulary

When learning new vocabulary words, it is useful for you to put the words on post-its or put them in a notebook that you are allowed to use during your exam. That way you have the words written down for you to reference whenever you study for your exam. Using post-its makes it easier for you to remember the words, and it can also help you to reference back to where you learned the words from. You should also create a separate word file where you can list all of the new words that you learn in your studying sessions so that you are able to remember all of them when it comes to your exam day. If you can, try to remember as many words that you learn while studying for your exam as possible. The more you learn, the more the words will be sticking in your memory.

Find a study buddy

If you want to study for your exams by yourself, then you will have to set aside a certain amount of time for yourself each day. If you are studying on your own, you should also try and find another person to study with as you have a better chance of remembering your lessons if you study together. You can try asking your friends to join you for a study session and you will definitely be able to benefit from sharing your notes and having someone to ask for help from. Don’t miss any lessons You need to attend your lessons to get the most out of your exams. Don’t ignore any potential questions during lectures. When you do know the answer, ask your classmates if they have any questions that they can’t answer.

Make it a habit to review your notes

success tips to pass your post utme exams

Every time you review your notes you’ll be saving time on your exam day. So why not make it a routine habit to review your notes once a day? It won’t take very long, and can also be a great way to prevent forgotten material from keeping you from learning more. Examine multiple sources The best way to use your notes is to have them as a good starting point for your exam. It’s better to examine multiple sources to ensure that you are familiar with them before you try to tackle the exam. And, by studying multiple sources, you’ll be able to compare your notes to multiple sources. This will also help you when you have to go back and do a deeper analysis on your exam day. Leave time for review before you start studying You will have better chances of studying when you’re well rested.

Get plenty of rest

Sleep is extremely important when it comes to preparing for an examination. Getting a good night’s sleep will increase your chances of being alert and responsive on test day. If possible, also skip the night before the exam, as it will make it harder for you to focus on studying and take notes during your day at school. Know what to expect from the examination Since this exam is essentially a standardized test, many people are familiar with what to expect when you sit down for your exam. However, even for people who aren’t aware of how the examination will work, you can still prepare for your test by practicing questions from previous exams.

Keep a positive outlook

In today’s fast-paced world, there is a tendency to let fear get in the way of your studies. By keeping a positive attitude towards studying, you will feel less stressed and even more motivated to complete your assignment. The great thing about having a positive outlook on your studies is that you will also be more inclined to study when you feel under pressure. Write in a specific way When you write a letter or an email, you will probably never try to solve a crossword puzzle or do jigsaw puzzles, as these are typically individual tasks that don’t require you to plan ahead. However, when you do your post-UTME exams, you will be asked to solve multiple-choice questions, fill in bubbles, do text-based tasks, and more.

Learn about the exam beforehand

Learn as much as you can about the post UTME exam, especially since you have only a short amount of time to prepare. The exam content can be both unfamiliar and intense, so knowing about the exam is of vital importance to ensure that you are as prepared as you can be. In addition, you should find out all the things that you might need to know to prepare for your exam as well. Rearrange your schedule to suit your exam schedule If you are given a certain amount of time to study for the exam, it will be most effective if you decide to revise for the exam only when it is the most convenient for you. If, for example, you have to work during the study session that you have planned for yourself, you will want to choose the days you study for the exam more carefully.

Find a distraction-free environment

A quiet space without distractions is a great place to study for exams, as it is the most conducive environment for putting your full focus on the task at hand. However, make sure that your environment is the same throughout the entire duration of your study session. If you use the same environment every day, your body will not get used to the same environment every day. The same goes for the library where you are going to write your exams. Although it is a great place to study, it is also a very distracting place if you are going to write an exam there. Instead, try going to a library in a more public space like an open park or some other outdoor place where you can study in a quieter environment.

Stay away from social media

Stay away from social media

Social media is great for a lot of things, but not when it comes to studying for your UTME. When you go online to do some free UTME studying, you can also go online to waste a lot of time checking out stuff that has nothing to do with your course. For example, you could just check out pictures of celebrities or famous people you’ve never heard of or read some messages from random people who will probably try to convince you to eat beef or travel to another country to see some or other deathly insect or some weird thing like that. Don’t get me wrong, social media is fun and we all need a little bit of it every day to keep us sane, but it should not be the first thing you do when you are about to go study for your exam.

Write your answers on index cards and carry them around the room so that you can refer to them when needed. You may want to print out a larger version of these cards to carry around with you at all times to help you remember the material. However, it’s also important to keep track of your time. Because there is only so much time to spend studying for an exam, you need to make the most of every opportunity that you have. Try to write all your answers in advance of the exam so that you can spend your remaining time studying. However, if you’re just not sure whether your answers are correct, you might want to run them by someone else to ensure that they are correct. As a last resort, you might want to go back and check your answers one more time before you attempt the test.

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