FUD School Fees 2024/2025 Academic Session

FUD School Fees

Get all the information about FUD school fees for all courses in our page. This article is aimed at bringing to your perusal, a detailed update of school fees for Federal University Dutse and by extension, giving you other relevant information about the institution.

This information is gotten from the official portal of the institution and has been duly verified in order to help you make an informed decision. Federal University Dutse school fees per semester as well as FUD school fees for all courses offered at Federal University Dutse.

Most of the prospective students of Federal University Dutse will be wondering how much is FUD tuition fee. We have provided you with  the total cost of FUD tuition fees for the 2024/2024 session consisting of FUD school fees for freshers as well as that of returning students.

FUD School Fees Schedule 2024

Some of the criteria to consider while seeking for admission is to know if the school in question is affordable. If you are an aspiring student of the Federal University Dutse then you will be interested in knowing how much is the Federal University Dutse school fees? which is very important.

In this article the returning students are not left out as well as Federal University Dutse management has released the FUD school fees schedule for this academic session for both new and returning students.

Newly admitted students who had already seen their name on the Federal University Dutse Admission List that the school authority has released are advised to hasten up and pay their tuition fees. Payment of FUD school fees should be made within the stipulated time given by the school management via the school portal.

There are certain consequences attached to late payment for FUD tuition fees which includes extra charges, forfeit of admission, or inability to seat for a semester examination.

FUD School Fees 2024/2024 Session

Below is a breakdown of the Federal University Dutse school fees for new students and also that of returning students.

1. Tuition Fee (Payable by Foreign Students) 100,000.00
2. Certificate Verification Fee (Fresh Student Only) 3,000.00
3. Registration:
4. Library Fees 2,000.00
5. General Studies (GST) Fee 3,000.00
6. Examination Fees 2,000.00
7. Sessional Statement of Result Fee Payable to Department 2,000.00
8. Sports and Games 2,000.00
9. I.D Card Fees (Fresh Students Only) 2,500.00
10. Development Levy 5,000.00
11. Student Union Benevolent Fund 500.00
12. Field Work, SIWES & Teaching Practice Fees (Agric, Science and Medical Students Only) 4,000.00
13. Laboratory Bench Fees (Science Students Only) 8,000.00
14. Laboratory Bench Fees (College of Medicine Only) 13,000.00
15. Students Information’s Booklet (Fresh Students Only) 2,000.00
16. Medical & Insurance Fee 2,000.00
17. Students Union Government (SUG) Dues 1,000.00
18. M.I.S Fees 2,500.00
19. Caution Deposit Fee (Fresh Students Only) 5,000.00
20. Environmental Management Fee 1,000.00

Below is the summary of the school fees excluding hostel maintenance.

Faculty of Art and Social Science & Faculty of Management Sciences

a. Fresh Students Only 42,500.00
b. Returning Students 30,000.00
c. Returning Students (Final Year) 35,000.00

Faculty of Computing

a. Fresh Students Only 48,500.00
b. Returning Students 36,000.00
c. Returning Students (Final Year) 41,000.00

Faculty of Science & Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

a. Fresh Students Only 54,500.00
b. Returning Students 42,000.00
c. Returning Students (Final Year) 47,000.00

College of Medicine

a. Fresh Students Only 59,500.00
b. Returning Students 47,000.00
c. Returning Students (Final Year) 52,000.00

Other Amounts

* Late Registration (Period to be Specified each year) 5,000.00
* Hostel Maintenance Fees 15,000.00

The message to freshers is simple, if you have seen your name on the school’s admission list, make haste to pay your tuition fees and other fees as have been stipulated to you.

Returning students are advised by the management to also make a swift payment of their school fees to avoid penalties which can hamper their studies in school.

Payment of school fees by both fresh and returning students are to be done at designated banks and within the stipulated time.

If you have any questions, kindly do well to comment below and you’ll be responded to, accordingly.

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