Nigerian Army College of Nursing Past Questions And Answers – Latest Version

Ondo State School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

Have you been going through the internet searching for Nigerian Army College of Nursing Past Questions And Answers? Search no more. Everything you need concerning Nigerian Army College of Nursing  NACON Past Questions And Answers is in this page.

Nigerian Army College of Nursing Past Questions

There’s not shortcut to getting admission into Nigerian Army College of Nursing Yaba, Lagos State because they are known as one of the most reputable school of nursing in Nigeria. Admission into this great institution is strictly based on merit as such much work is demanded from students who wish to get admitted.

Since there’s no shortcut what’s the way forward? Good question. The only way to secure a slot in this institution is to score very high in their entrance exams which is around the corner. Students are advised to prepare very hard for this exams as that’s the only way to separate the good students fro the unserious ones.

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Are you tired of seating for Nigerian Army College of Nursing Yaba, Lagos State, entrance exams? We have a lasting solution to that in one study material. Our team have carefully designed a study material (Nigerian Army College of Nursing NACON Past Questions and answers) that is set to give you the following benefits;

  • It gives you light to the possible questions to expect
  • Helps you manage time well because you’re already familiar with the questions
  • Places you ahead of others
  • boost your confidence level
  • Introduce you to the core areas they set their questions from
  • Increase your chances of scoring high in the exams

What more can you ask for? you already have everything in one material. If you can master every questions and answer in this study material there’s no reason you won’t score high and get admitted into this institution, that’s our assurance. So the ball is now in your court either to be selected or rejected.

Samples of this study material

1. Which organism in the pyramid functions as a tertiary consumer?
(a) algae
(b) shark
(c) tadpole
(d) tilapia

2. Malaria symptoms are caused by
(a) toxins released into the blood as a result of the destruction of red blood cells
(b) the multiplication of the malaria spotozoites in the liver
(c) the invastion of the red blood cells by the trophozoites
(d) the development of merozoites into gametoestes

3. The response known by the tips of the root and shout of a plant to the stimulus of gravity is
(a) haptothepism
(b) phototropism
(c) hydrotropism
(d) geotropism

4. Which of the following is TRUE of the process of conjugation in Paramecium?
(a) Micronucleus disintegrates
(b) Each ex-conjugart divides only once
(c) macronucleus undergoes division
(d) Each microneucleus divides twice.

5. The main function of the petal of a flower is to
(a) attract pollination agents
(b) protect the flower while still in bud
(c) serve as a landing stage for insects
(d) protect the inner pairs from desiccation.


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