Access Bank Job Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers – Latest Version

Access Bank Job Aptitude Test Past Questions

Get updated copy of Access Bank Job Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers in our store which is now in a PDF format for easy download. This study material covers over 500 questions and answers compiled from Access Bank Job previous years aptitude test.

Access Bank Job Aptitude Test Past Questions

This is one of the most lucrative and decent job in Nigeria. It takes hard-work to join the list of bankers in Nigeria because of the nature of their rigorous recruiting process. There’s no shortcut to getting this job other than passing their aptitude test with flying color. Only those who pass this screening test will be selected for the job.

Just in, our team have painstakingly compiled Access Bank Job Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers just for you. This study material will serve as a guide as it is designed to give you an insight of what the exams looks like, give you an edge over other, help you maximize time, boost your confidence level, increase your chances of scoring high and places you in a better position to be selected for the job.

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This study material leaves you without stress as all questions have been carefully answered by our team, it is a collection of questions from their previous aptitude test and covers all the area which they set their questions from. Worry no more, its now in a PDF format for easy download,

Below are samples of this study material to prove its originality, other information relating to Access Bank Job recruitment and how to download the full PDF file.

Samples of this study material

1. If the average sale price for 2010 was 5% higher, but the number of cars sold that year was 9% lower, by what percent would the sales revenue have decreased for 2010?
(A) No change
(B) 3.50%
(C) 3.55%
(D) 4.45%
(E) 4.60%

Step 1 – calculate the new average sales price £62,709 x 105% = £65,844.45
Step 2 – calculate the new number of cars sold 16,710 x 91% = 15,206.1
Note: they can’t sell .1 of a car so we will use 15,206.0. In this question it doesn’t actually make a difference to the final answer but it’s worth remembering things like this
for other questions.
Step 3 – calculate the total sales increase £65,844.45 x 15,206 = £1,001.230707 million
Step 4 – calculate the total sales decrease as a % 1,001.230707 ¸
1,047.9 = 0.95546, which is a 4.45% decrease. Thus the correct answer is (D), 4.45%

2. In 2008, car sales were split across 3 equally-priced models in the ratio of 7:8:6 for models A, B and C respectively. What was the sales revenue for model A?
(A) £287 million
(B) £335 million
(C) £382 million
(D) £383 million
(E) Can’t tell from data

Apply the ratio to the total sales for 2008 7 x £1,005.0 m / 21 = £335 million.
Note: we can answer this question because we are told that the three models were equally priced. If we were not told this information we would have to answer “cannot tell”.
Thus the correct answer is (B) £335 million

3. Brand A and Brand D are to have their number of staff reduced by the same percentage reduction seen by their Marketing Budgets between 2010 and 2011. If the number of staff at Brand A was originally 120 and the number of staff at Brand D triple this, what are the new reduced staff numbers for each Brand?
(A) Can’t tell from the data
(B) 35 (Brand A); 142 (Brand D)
(C) 90 (Brand A); 252 (Brand D)
(D) 60 (Brand A); 240 (Brand D)
(E) 50 (Brand A); 360 (Brand D)

Step 1 – calculate the percentage reduction in Marketing Budget for each Brand.
Brand A: 225 / 300 = 25% reduction
Brand D: 210 / 300 = 30% reduction
Step 2 – calculate the new number of staff for Brand
A 120 x 0.75% = 90
Step 3 – calculate the new number of staff for Brand D
(120 x 3) x 0.7 = 252
So the correct answer is (C), 90 (Brand A); 252 (Brand D)


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