OAU Post UTME Past Questions And Answers | Updated Copy

OAU Post UTME Past Questions

OAU Post UTME Past Questions And Answers is a study pack with Obefemi Awolowo University previous years Post UTME exams and this study material is set to be your guide if you must pass this entrance examination. This article equally provides you with tips on how to pass exams without stress.

OAU Post UTME Past Questions

The updated copy of OAU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers is now available for easy  download and it is made to serve as a guide for university of Ibadan forth coming screening exercise. Just follow the instructions on how to get full PDF copy.

Obefemi Awolowo University screening exercise is the only gateway to getting admitted in this great institution, so candidates who applied should cease this opportunity to get themselves equipped by grabbing a copy of this study material. The good-news here is that we’ve gone as far as compiling their most repeated questions just for you.

General Tips To Pass Exams

On Exam Days These tips are required in order to pass exams on exam day. Try to stay calm and have a positive attitude when you are approaching the exam centre. Try not to react to any strange or unfamiliar things. A large number of candidates would pass out on these day but you must do everything possible to prevent this. Remember you can complete your examination anytime you wish. The more you worry, the more your time will be wasted. Try to complete your paper. Examiners do not check any candidate that has been idle. It is not worth your time to waste on a wrong answer. Be confident with your answers, write them without fear, until you are sure of them. Avoid paying attention to any other person or things which are distracting. Make sure you concentrate fully on your task.

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The best way to pass any exams is to study with the right material and our material is set to expose you to; pattern which questions are set, time required for all the question, subject combination for each course and number of questions you’ll be expecting. With this you chances of getting admitted will be very high, gives you an edge over others and an insight on what the question looks like.

This study material (OAU Post UTME past questions and answers) is now compatible with all electronic devices and it is designed in PDF format for easy download. In case you encounter any difficulty trying to download this study pack please do well to leave a comment in the comment section, our team will attend to you. Below are other relevant information concerning OAU screening exercise, samples of this study pack and how to download the full PDF copy.

Samples of this study material

1. Which of the following types of waves cannot travel through a vacuum?
A. sound waves
B. light waves
C. infra-red waves
D. x-radiation
E. radio waves

2. The temperature at which the water vapor in the air saturates the air and begins to condense is known as
A. boiling point
B. melting point
C. triple point
D. dew point
E. critical temperature

3. The motion of the moving skin of a talking drum can rightly be described as
A. translational
B. random
C. rotational
D. oscillatory
E. transitory

4. What is the relative permittivity of a capacitor if its capacitance with a medium as dielectric is I 6farads, and its capacitance with vacuum as dielectric is 2farads?
B. -½

5. The activity of a radioactive substance depends on
A. temperature and purity
B. temperature and age
C. age, purity and temperature
D. purity and age
E. none of the above


How to Purchase The Complete Past Question Paper

How to Purchase The Complete Past Question Paper

PRICE: ₦2,500 ₦2,000  (Two Thousand Naira Only)

Make a bank deposit or mobile transfer of ₦2,000 only to the account given below;

Bank Name: Union Bank Plc
Account Number: 0162562065
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After making the payment Click Here to send the following;

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Once your details has been received and your payment confirmed by us, you will receive the past question in your email or WhatsApp within 5 Minutes.

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