Mercy College of Nursing Past Questions And Answers | Updated Copy

ACHCONSA College of Nursing and Midwifery Past Questions And Answers

Mercy College of Nursing Past Questions And Answers is now available on our page. Interested candidates who wish to get admitted into Mercy College of Nursing  are expected to cease this opportunity and download the updated copy of Mercy College of Nursing  past questions and answers.

Mercy College of Nursing past questions

For the sake of candidates who just applied for the first time who don’t even know what entrance exams looks like and wish to be admitted, we have a special package for you all compiled in one study material just to ensure you succeed.

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This study material (Mercy College of Nursing  past questions and answers) is all you need to succeed because it contain the most frequently asked questions, cover all the area they ask questions from and answers to the questions are listed as well. All you’re expected to do is to study the material step by step.

Candidates who master the questions and answers in our study material are one step ahead of others and their chances of scoring very high in the exams is very high.

Samples of this study material

1. The two hydrocarbon used as lower and upper standards for petrol are
(a) isooctane and benzene
(b) heptane and acopenatane
(c) heptane and 2,2,4 rimethlpentane
(d) heptane and acopenatane

2. Benzene community undergoes ___ reactions
(a) addition
(b) climination
(c) substitution
(d) amendment

3. Under high pressure, real gasses deflate from compliance with gas laws because their molecules
(a) experience repulsive forces
(b) have become more energetic
(c) have become less energetic
(d) collide inclastically

4. Which of the 3d, 4s, 4p, 4d has the lowest energy?
(a) 3d

5. One of the causes of algae growth in rivers is the presence of
(a) heavy metals
(b) pesticides
(c) phosphates from detergents
(d) high particulate loading


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