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We have SUBEB exams past questions and answers available in our store for easy download. Download any SUBEB exams past questions and answers here and all the state SUBEB exams past questions and answers are equally available for easy download.

SUBEB Exams Past Questions And Answers

State Universal Basic Education Board (Nigeria), an offshoot of UBEC in the states, is established to address the inequality in educational opportunity at the basic level and improving the quality of its provision. This agency is one of the respected agency in Nigeria and are found in all the 36 states in Nigeria.

We have SUBEB Exams Past Questions And Answers in a PDF format for easy download and this contains all their frequently asked questions and the areas they set their questions from. Candidates who applied for this job are advised to get a copy of this study material to enable them secure the job.

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This study material is now portable which implies you can now download it into phones, laptops or tablets and  it can be printed out to hard copies to enable you study with friends. Samples of this study material is shown below to prove authenticity of it.

Samples of this study material

1. In the match against the Rangers team, the Enyimba boys turn out to be the dark horse.
(A) played most brilliantly
(B) played below their usual form
(C) Won unexpectedly
(D) lost as expected
(E) Won as expected.

2. He spoke with his hearth in his mouth.
(A) Courageously
(B) With such unusual cowardice
(C) With a lot of confusion in his speech
(D) Without being able to make up his mind
(E) With fright and agitation.

3. The leader in today’s issue of Punch Newspaper focuses in inflation.
(A) President
(B) Heading
(C) Editorial
(D) Columnist
(E) Proprietor.

4. All his plans fell through.
(A) failed
(B) Were accomplished
(C) Had to be reviewed
(D) Were rejected
(F) Fell.

5. He stared at her.
(A) Glance
(B) Peeped
(C) Looked
(D) Looked
(E) Gazed
(F) Fixed.

6. As he was a gullible leader, his followers took advantage of him.
(A) He was weak and unable to enforce his authority
(B) He was partial and unfair in dispensing justice
(C) He was simple minded to a fault
(D) He was slow to act
(E) He was as lacking in education and experience in everyday affairs.


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