IVC Scholarship Past Questions and Answers – Latest Version

IVC Scholarship Past Questions

The latest version of of IVC Scholarship Past Questions and Answers is now available for easy download. We have equally included tips for a successful scholarship exams in this study material to guide interested applicant and help them secure this huge opportunity. Keep reading to get   all the information concerning IVC scholarship exams and how to download the full PDF copy of  IVC Scholarship Past Questions and Answers.

IVC Scholarship Past Questions and Answers

The International Vocational Center (IVC) Is an international non-Governmental organization (A Member Of Duns-USA, solely devoted to educational scholarship, research, human capital development, entrepreneurship and social empowerment projects in collaboration with other 23 NGO organizations around the globe such as funds for NGO, USAid, Investors In People, Etc.

This scholarship scheme is one of the biggest scholarship and it comes with a huge work. Nothing good comes easy so they said, applicant who want to take advantage of the scholarship are advised to sit up and prepare for their upcoming exams yet to be announced.

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We have a comprehensive compilation of IVC scholarship past questions and answers just for you. This questions covers core areas like;

  • Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning
  • English/Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Current Affairs.


We have the past question for the following categories;

  • Master’s Degree (MSC and MBA) Overseas
  • Universities
  • Polytechnics
  • College of Education
  • Secondary School
  • Primary School

Samples of this study material

(1). In 2005, the Product Development department consisted of 150 employees. This number was 25% lower than in 2000. How many employees worked in the Stamping department in 2000?
A. 160
B. 187
C. 200
D. 250
E. None of these
Correct answer: D

(2). In the year 2000, the Product Development department constituted of 400 employees. How many employees worked for the Stamping department in that year?
A. 400
B. 450
C. 500
D. 550
E. 600
Correct answer: C

Product Development constitutes 20% (one fifth) of the work force and has 400 employees. Stamping constitutes 25% of the workforce.
Therefore, (400 x 25) / 20 = 500 = the number of employees working in the Stamping department.

(3). Which two departments combined accounted for a larger share in the employee distribution in 2005 in comparison to 2000?
A. Casting and Human Resources
B. Product Development and Casting
C. Human Resources and Manufacturing
D. Product Development and Stamping
E. Human Resources and Product Development

Correct answer: C

You should workout which two departments combined are larger in 2005 than in 2000 from the listed options.
1st option Casting & Human Resources constituted 20% in 2000 and were only 18% in 2005. 2nd option Product Development & Casting constituted 29% in 2000 and were only 26% in 2005 3rd option Human resources & Manufacturing constituted 46% in 2000 and were 50% in 2005 therefore this is the correct option. No need to compute further.

(4). In the year 2000 which two departments combined had exactly the same amount of employees as the Product Development department?
A. Stamping and casting
B. Human Resources and Manufacturing
C. Stamping and Human Resources
D. Human Resources and Product Development
E. Human Resources and Casting
Correct answer: E

In the year 2000, the Product Development department constituted 20% of the workforce. Human resources (11%) and Casting (9%) together have 20%.
The answer is Human Resources & Casting


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