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EACOHTECH Past Questions and Answers

EACOHTECH Past Questions and Answers | PDF Download

Download EACOHTECH Past Questions and Answers here. Are you preparing for Eagles College of Health Technology entrance examination?. Then all you all you need to pass this exam is EACOHTECH Past Questions and Answers which is now in an e-book format for easy download.

EACOHTECH Past Questions and Answers

Your most reliable and trusted past question hub (Studymaterial) is on it with the latest and updated copy of EACOHTECH Past Questions and Answers just for you.  EACOHTECH entrance exams is around the corner and student who wish to be admitted are advised to prepare hard for the exams.

You can imagine going to the exam hall to see all the questions you’re already familiar with, I think that’s a big win for you. In order to achieve this, all you need to do is master our study material and the rest will be history.

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One uniqueness of this study material is that all the questions has been carefully answered by our team so you wouldn’t have to stress yourself looking for the answers. It covers all the core areas they set their questions from and it is now in a PDF format.

You can leave a comment below if you experience any difficulty trying to download the past questions. Samples and how to download the full PDF file of this study material are equally listed below;

Samples of this study material

1. The hereditary material of the cell is
(a) RNA
(b) protein
(c) the DNA
(d) carbohydrate

2. The structures that prevent food particles from escaping through the first gills are called gill
(a) arches
(b) filaments
(c) rakers
(d) lameliae

3. Which of the following characterizes the white mangrove?
(a) prop roots
(b) buttress roots
(c) breathing roots
(d) stilt roots

4. The most important environmental which epiphytes in the rain forest compete for is
(a) water
(b) nutrients
(c) light
(d) space

5. The biological factor that is unique to each individual is the
(a) DNA
(b) eye colour
(c) blood group
(d) RNA


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