Benue State School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers | Updated PDF

Benue State School of Nursing  Past Questions

Get genuine and legit  Benue State School of Nursing  Past Questions And Answers in our page. Benue State School of Nursing past questions and answers is readily available in a PDF format for easy download.

 Benue State School of Nursing Past Questions

Benue State School of Nursing  will soon announces her screening date for entrance examination. The only way to be selected among people that will be admitted over 15,000 students that applied is to up your game with something unique. This admission is strictly dependent on this entrance exams so don’t expect it to be that easy.

We’ve painstakingly compiled Benue State School of Nursing Past Questions And Answers just for you. Mind you, this is not just any random past questions and answers but rather a collections of questions from their previous exams which have been carefully answered by our team. This study material have 65% chances of repeating either in direct of rephrased form.

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You might be wondering if this study material is in a soft or hard copy? Worry no more, which ever one you want is available. It is now in a PDF format compatible with all electronic devices and can be printed out once after download. This study material material covers questions from the following subject combination;

  • Use of English
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

In case you encounter any difficulty trying to download this study material please leave a comment in our comment section. If you are among those who need substantial conviction, we have provided samples of this study material and procedure to download the full PDF file below.

Samples of this study material

1. When it is cold, the blood vessels of the skin
(a) dilate to increase the amount of blood flowing to the skin
(b) constrict to reduce the amount of blood flowing to the skin
(c) dilate to reduce the amount of blood flowing to the skin
(d) constrict to increase the amount of blood flowing to the skin.

2. Which path does sound entering the human ear follow:
(a) Oval window – ossicles – ear drum
(b) Ear drum – Oval window – ossicles
(c) Ear drum – ossicles – oval window
(d) ossicles – car drum – oval window.

3. What would happen to a man whose pancreas has been surgically removed?
(a) the level of blood sugar would increase
(b) the glycogen content of the liver would increase
(c) his blood pressure would decrease
(d) his weight would increase appreciably

4. What is the term used to describe the sum total of biotic and abiotic factors in the environment of the organism?
(a) habitat
(b) biome
(c) ecosystem
(d) ecological niche.

5. Two organisms of different species, living in close association but no dependent on each other are referred to as
(a) parasites
(b) commensals
(c) symbionts
(d) autotrophs

6. Soil fertility can be conserved and renewed by
(a) yearly monocropping
(b) crop rotation and cover crops
(c) bush burning to remove unwanted debris
(d) avoiding artificial manures


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