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Taraba State University Post UTME past questions and answers

Taraba State University Post UTME Past Questions And Answers

If you’re searching for Taraba State University Post UTME past questions and answers then you’re in the right page. As we have all the updated and relevant information concerning Taraba State University Post UTME past questions and answers just for you which is now in a PDF format for easy download.

Taraba State University Post UTME Past Questions

This page contains updated copy of Taraba State University Post UTME Past Questions And Answers for interested candidates we’re seeking admission into this great institution, there’s no shortcut to getting admitted into Delta State University other than passing there post UTME exams with flying colors.

Our team have carefully compiled a comprehensive study material for those who really wish to secure the admission. Note, the only gateway to getting admitted is scoring high in the up coming post UTME exams and you can only achieve that when you sit up and stud hard for the exams.

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This study material (Taraba State University Post UTME past questions and answers) have been designed in such a  way that it will be compatible with all IOS devices, Andriod, Tablets, iphones etc. It is set to give you an insight on what the exams looks like, boost your confidence level, place you ahead of others and increase your chances of scoring high in the exams.

All you need to pass this exams is to masters all the questions and answers in this study material as it covers all the frequently asked questions leading to about 70% chances of repeating. What are you waiting for? Grab a copy now and be thankful later.

In case you encounter any difficulty trying to download the full PDF file, please leave a comment in the comment section below, other information you need concerning how to get the full PDF file and some sample questions are listed below.

Samples of this study material

1. Cloud formation is the direct result of
A. precipitation
B. vaporization
c. condensation
D. Sublimation.

2. Water boils at a lower temperature when heated at the top of a mountain than at sea-level because at the top of the mountain the
A. saturation vapour pressure of water is higher than at sea-level
B. sun adds more heat to the water
C. relative humidity of the atmosphere is lower
D. pressure of the atmosphere is lower.

3. The main reason why rice cooks faster in a pressure ,cook than in a cooking pot is that
A. less heat escapes from the cooker
B. the vapour pressure in the cooker is constant
C. the boiling point of water in the cooker is raised
D. the vapour pressure in the cooker decreases.

4. In which of the following media would sound waves travel faster?
A. kerosene
B. alcohol
C. iron
D. Air.

5. Which of the following phenomena is the practical evidence for the existence of the continual motion of molecules?
A. Translational motion
B. Rotational motion
C. Brownian motion
D. Oscillatory motion.


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