NECO 2024 Registration Portal | Form Price, Exam Date And Deadline

NECO 2021 Registration Portal | Form Price, Exam Date And Deadline -

NECO 2024 Registration Portal | Form Price, Exam Date And Deadline –

This article carries a lot of information concerning the National Examination Council is an examination which is around the corner. Candidates who intend to sit for this examination are advised to keep reading to get all the information they need.

Is NECO registration portal open?

The National Examination Council is an examination board had earlier announced her date for registration, screening exercise and deadline for closure of her portals. Interested students are expected to visit for further information or can as well drop their email in our comment section for updates concerning NECO.

What do I need to know about NECO?

The establishment of the National Examinations Council (NECO) in April 1999, is a culmination of reaction of the Federal Government to widespread escalating agitations for a national examination outfit that would be responsive to the Nigerian needs and demands as well as cope with the annually increasing number of secondary school candidates to take Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) nationwide. Series of panels had earlier been set up to address the issues before this vital decision was taken.

A policy to create the National Examinations Council (NECO) was formulated. Consequently, NBEM became the nucleus of NECO. NBEM’s capacity was built by employing additional qualified personnel, acquiring more equipment and facilities and upgrading the existing ones. NBEM was therefore made stronger and its capacity was upgraded and enhanced to meet international standards. NBEM was then transformed to become National Examinations Council (NECO). NECO then commenced its maiden Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) in June/July 2000, with resounding success. NECO also successfully continued to discharge all the mandates of NBEM in addition to the conduct of the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) without prejudice to the existing functions and powers of WAEC. The enabling decree 33 of 1999 establishing the National Examinations Council (NECO) became an act of parliament cited as the “National Examinations Council (NECO) (establishment) act 2002.

How much is NECO 2024 registration Form?

To register for NECO examination, candidates are to obtain a draft and pay a non-refundable fee of Nine Thousand, Eight Hundred And Fifty Naira Only (N9,850) and Fifty Naira (N50) stamp duty paid via bank draft or to school management if internal registration. Forms can also be gotten at NECO offices nationwide and also at various post offices.

How do register for NECO 2024?

These are the lay down procedures for registering for National Examinations Council.

First and foremost, candidates are to make their registration fee payment and thereafter follow the procedures below to register via the NECO registration portal.

Like I said earlier, the NECO SSCE registration is in 2 categories. The first for internal or school candidates (candidates currently in school) while the second is for external or private candidates (candidates not in School).

Registration Procedure for External or school candidates:

If you want to register for the 2024 NECO exam as an internal or school candidates, then the following are the procedures for you to follow:

NECO Candidates that want to register for the 2024 NECO exam as external or private candidates, should follow are the procedures below to register:

  • Visit the registration portal
  • Click on the screen-option that reads Go to SSCE External Site”
  • Enter your Username, and Password
  • Tap on “Login” to proceed to the registration dashboard

Registration Procedure for internal or school candidates:

  • Go to the registration portal
  • Tap on the option that reads Go to SSCE Internal Site”
  • Enter your Username, Password, and Operator ID
  • Tap on “Login” to proceed to the registration dashboard

Download NECO Past Questions Here

Requirements for NECO 2024/2024 Registration

After paying the mandatory feed which is the first requirement
Candidates must present recent passport photograph.
Candidates Finger print must be captured during registration as this is use to check against fraud and double registration.

How do I choose a good NECO center?

  • There are schools that are known for outstanding results and also on the other hand maintain a clean sheet on NECO record.
  • Make more enquiry from previous candidates who wrote the exam in the center.
  • Avoid centers that are known for withheld results. If your school is known for this please there is nothing bad in taking your exam in another center.
  • Some school charge higher than others, always be concerned about your success rather than the price tag. Nothing good comes easy.

Deadline for NECO registration

It has not been announced officially but the registration portal is expected to shut down by April or there about. Candidates are advised to maximize the time set aside for registration other than waiting for the deadline which can be very dangerous.


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